The termination for a perfect connection.

Flexible termination technology

The termination of the connector is often underrated regarding its impact on the performance and functioning of the overall connector system. The transition from the connector to the cable is a critical area when it comes to the flow of current and heat. An incorrect layout may limit the system’s overall performance. This is true for high-voltage and highspeed applications as well as for high-current and high-temperature applications. When extreme requirements are added to this, such as temperature fluctuations or vibration and shock, it means the termination area is under permanent stress.

ODU has the relevant expertise for developing and manufacturing reliable solutions that are stable for the long term even for critical, performance-limiting termination areas. To achieve this, ODU mainly uses three termination types: screw, solder and crimp.

Solder and crimp terminations are most widely used on the cable side, and crimping is used particularly in highly critical applications. Therefore, the more detailed focus here will be on crimp termination.

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