It all revolves around connector technology.

Machining technology from ODU.

Two different metal machining processes are particularly important in connector manufacturing: punching or punch-bending and machining. At ODU, we use both procedures and have been successfully applying them for decades. Machining is of particular importance to us since it plays such a key role in enabling ODU’s flexibility and speed around the development and production of application-specific connectors. We’re able to provide our customers with high-volume production, but also particularly smaller quantities, too, in a wide variety of different versions and within a short timeframe. This is one of our particular strengths.

ODU machining manufactures component parts for connectors in a wide variety of different versions including contact sockets with housing diameters from 0.3 mm to 300 mm. We produce 13,000 different articles using more than 100 machines, all of which are equipped with cutting-edge technology and specially developed high-performance tools. ODU’s machining ensures the necessary precision as well as dimensional and geometrical stability of contact pins, contact sockets and housings or housing parts. With dependable flexibility and speed.

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