Top Tightness
Secure connections for high-pressure and high vacuum applications.

High-pressure and high vacuum applications

ODU has the necessary expertise for developing and manufacturing connectors that meet particularly demanding requirements for tightness and ultimate compressive strength. This development of suitable connectors is based on our profound knowledge of materials, application- specific choice of sealing methods, command of different sealing techniques, comprehensive FEM calculations and required experience.

A connector or connector system’s tightness requirement can be required for very different reasons. A high-pressure water cleaner, for instance, requires a IP69K-tightness compliant connector to ensure the long-term functioning of the facility (e.g., in railway technology). A connecting cable for data transmitted from a sonar or camera to a submarine must remain watertight even at a diving depth of 1,000 meters. The high-voltage feedthrough of a high-vacuum system requires connectors that are reliably tight in a high vacuum of 1.3 × 10-6 mbar. The task becomes particularly interesting when different seals in connectors must also withstand such additional challenges as vibration, chemicals, mechanical shock or thermal shock, i.e., warming up in the air and spontaneous cooling down when immersed in ice water. Material stress under such framework conditions is enormous and must not impair tightness, as this could potentially cause failure of the connector technology.

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