ODU AMC® High-Density

Innovation in a compact package.

  • Mechanical and electrical robustness
  • Break-Away with optional screw-locking for maximum safety
  • Contact density up to 40 contacts


From medical technology to consumer electronics to automotive technology: the trend toward miniaturization continues. High-Density connectors provide the highest possible number of contacts in the most compact space. It gives developers new possibilities and solutions while simultaneously challenging the manufacturer. Because the connectors’ reliability and electrical and mechanical robustness must remain intact in spite of the compact size.

With a diameter of less than 10 mm to 18.5 mm and a contact density of up to 40 contacts, the ODU AMC® High-Density series proves that premium quality can also come in small packages. In addition to the High-Density signal connector, the range also includes versions for "Power" (up to 15 A) and "Data Transfer" (USB® 3.1 Gen11 with 5A power) in the most compact space. 

With the new flexible 2-in-1 solution, the ODU AMC® High-Density series offers on the one hand the possibility of fast locking and unlocking of the connection and on the other hand additional protection through screw locking in case of high vibration loads whenever this is necessary. In future, two locking types will be combined in a single component: screw locking and break-away. Both the plug and the receptacle are downward compatible.

  • Smallest Dimension
  • Compact Design
  • High Contact Density
  • System Solution
  • Innovative options for assembly and extrusion for the cable bend relief
  • Quick and easy demating
  • Low space requirements for device
  • High-Speed data transmission
  • Contact density up to 40 contacts
  • Up to 70% weight and size reduction


  • High Contact Density: 2 – 40 poles / 4 sizes
  • Watertight protection class IP6K8
  • Lifetime of greater than 5,000 mating cycles
  • Locking Options:
    BREAK-AWAY for quick and easy demating
    SCREW-LOCK for an maximum resistance to vibration
  • Extremely robust and stable housing with non-reflecting surface
  • Operating temperature range from -51° C (-60° F) to +125° C (+257° F)
  • NEW surface design: CHROME-PLATED
  • Contacts for solder and PCB termination
  • Light, compact and easy to use – blind mating is also possible
  • Highspeed data technology
  • Maximum operating reliability thanks to mechanical coding and visual colour coding
  • Versatile and individually configurable: Signal, power and data inserts possible within one connector
  • Salt spray resistance
  • 360° shielding for excellent, trouble-free data transfer
  • Connection to flex or printed circuit board solutions on the receptacle side
  • Termination to PC-boards,flex-layers or rigid-flex solutions
  • Innovative options for assembly and extrusion for the cable bend relief
  • Cable assembly included

1Disse ODU-specifikke stikforbindelser kan overføre gængse dataoverførselsprotokoller som USB® 3.1 Gen1, de er dog ikke USB®-standard-stikforbindelser.



ODU har udviklet en kundespecifik forbindelsesløsning i samarbejde med Jerry Harvey Audio.


ODU AMC® Overview

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ODU AMC High-Density Screw Lock

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ODU AMC High-Density Chrome

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ODU AMC® High-Density Advanced Military Connector

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ODU AMC® High-Density Overview

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Silicone overmolded system solutions

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Vision Systems

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ODU AMC® Assembly Instruction High-Density In-Line Receptacle

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ODU AMC® Assembly Instruction High-Density Break-Away

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ODU AMC® High-Density Receptacle Style 6 Assembly Instruction

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ODU AMC® High-Density Assembly Instruction Receptacle with screw-lock

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ODU AMC®High-Density Assembly Instruction Break-Away Plug with srew-lock

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ODU AMC® Assembly Instruction High-Density Protective Caps

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