Advanced Military Connector with Push-Pull locking or Break-Away function.


Designed especially for military and security technology, this extremely robust metal circular connector series satisfies every demand when it comes to loading capacity and transfer reliability. The ODU AMC® is in its element even under the most extreme field conditions: tough, watertight and easy to clean even in the field. The low weight, low-reflection surface, excellent EMC properties and compact construction make these connections ideal elements for military and security technology.

We can offer solutions for special requirements such as "hot plugging" or hybrid inserts.

ODU also offers tailored, reliable standard system solutions, complete with cables, to go with your customized connectors – all from a single source. We are able to harness the expertise behind the entire ODU product range, and turn it into tangible benefits for the customer.

ODU AMC Push-Pull
ODU AMC® Push-Pull

With its Push-Pull design, the ODU AMC® can be swiftly mated without force and unmated quickly – and you can do both blind, without needing to see the connector. The locking state is unambiguous and reliable even in hard-to-access places.

ODU AMC Break-Away
ODU AMC® Break-Away

The ODU AMC® with Break-Away function was designed for connections that can be made or separated in seconds, even under field conditions. One pull on the cable is enough to separate the connection.

ODU AMC Easy-Clean
ODU AMC® Easy-Clean

Be it mud, dust or snowy mush – this plug's contacts can be easily and quickly cleaned in the field even under the most unfavourable conditions. A connector design based on real-world conditions and the use of the "pogo pin" contact system ensure it.

ODU AMC High-Density
ODU AMC® High-Density

Innovation in a compact package.
From medical technology to consumer electronics to automotive technology: the trend toward miniaturization continues.

ODU-AMC Systemloesung
ODU AMC® System Solutions

In military and security technology, ODU offers you not only first class quality connections such as the ODU AMC®, but also the complete assembly of your complete system.

ODU AMC Datentechnik
ODU AMC® Highspeed Data Technology

In military and security technology, the reliable transfer of as much data as possible in the shortest time possible is becoming increasingly important.