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      ODU MEDI-SNAP Circular Connector made of plastic or metal
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    ODU MEDI-SNAP® – Intuitive handling, Robust design

    This plastic connector is tailored to your specific needs in medical technology, industrial electronics, and digital test and measurement.

    Efficient solutions for demanding conditions

    The ODU MEDI-SNAP® combines distinctive coding options with over 2,000 mating cycles. The efficient plastic connector is available both with user-friendly Push-Pull locking and the easy-to-release Break-Away function, which comes as a premolded plug & play solution. Its space-saving product design enables top performance even in the smallest available construction space. Further due to its plastic housing, this connector is up to 75% lighter than comparable metal products. A very wide variety of configurations exists. Let us help you find the right one!


    Your benefits at a glance

    • Easy handling

      • Color coding and acoustic feedback for correct and easy mating
      • Perfect grip due to special surface structure
      • Easy mating thanks to quick installation technology
    • Efficient solution

      • 75% lighter than comparable connectors made from metal
      • Space-efficient product design
      • Minimal installation and maintenance efforts
    • Precisely tailored solutions

      • Overmolded solutions for immediate use
      • Wide variety of connectors which allows for highest flexibility when assembling in the field
      • Functional reliability ensured by connectors with special resistance to thermal and chemical influences

    ODU MEDI-SNAP®: Tailored to your application

    Expertise and innovative power for medical technology – industrial electronics – digital measurement and testing


    Bioresonance device

    Through the bioresonance method the self-healing capacities of the patient can be stimulated. The patient is connected to the device via electrodes. The signal transmission occurs through several ODU MEDI-SNAP® connectors, which allow for intuitive handling enabled by specific color codings.

    Horse inhalator

    In this inhalator for lung treatment of horses, the ODU MEDI-SNAP® with Break-Away function connects the humidifiying device with the control unit. The overmolded connector allows for immediate use without creating any assembly effort and guarantees highest quality of the connection. With a customized marking solution, this connector allows for bling mating.


    The pulsoximeter measures oxygen saturation and pulse frequency. The ODU MEDI-SNAP® forms the interface between the device and the finger clip ensuring signal transmission. Particularly the minimal required construction space, low weight and the high quality of the overmolded connection make the ODU MEDI-SNAP® a perfect fit for this application.

    Fetal heart rate monitoring device

    Application: The device monitors fetal heart rate (FHR) to continuously analyse the state of the fetus in utero. Several specific sensors can be connected to the monitor with ODU MEDI-SNAP® Push-Pull connectors. The one-to-one fit coding of the connectors is absolutely essential for this application, as multiple sensors with different purposes have to be connected to the monitor.

    Industrial electronics

    Service box for street lighting systems

    This device serves as a maintenance interface. It enables the service technician to extract and analyze parameters such as lighting levels, power consumption, etc. and defines necessary next steps accordingly. The ODU MEDI-SNAP® transmits the power from the supply of the street lights to the box.

    LED screens

    The ODU MEDI-SNAP® transmits power for LED screens used on large stages and grandstands. Its Push-Pull connector technology enables quick installing of the screens while the connector is securely locked in place. Reliable power transmission is guaranteed at all times.

    Mobile security systems

    In this system, the ODU MEDI-SNAP® serves multiple purposes: It is responsible for power and signal transmission for cameras and sensors. Being a mobile device, especially, the low weight is a decisive benefit of the ODU MEDI-SNAP®.

    Digital test and measurement

    Universal measuring device

    This measuring amplifier for universal use is supplied with a voltage of up to 30 volts by the ODU MEDI-SNAP®. The angular PCB contacts and rear mounting capability of the receptacle contribute to limit the outer dimensions of the device to a minimum, enabling a very easy handling.

    Power measuring device

    This power measuring device collects and records a range of parameters including current, voltage and power along with the respective network quality values. ODU MEDI-SNAP® connectors, together with a high quality overmolded solution, form a particularly efficient interface between the current probes and the device itself.



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